What is sambal bajak?

Sambal bajak

Sambal Bajak is a sambal with a piquant and spicy flavour. This type of sambal may be used in various kinds of dishes and is perfect to use as a flavour enhancer. Bajak can be used in sauces, soups or meat dishes.

Sambal Bajak is made of red peppers and small pieces of onion and is distinguished by its savoury-sweet taste.

Chili pepper is very strong and the tiny morcels of onion are ideal to neutralise this. In this way, a very mild taste is created. And because of this, sambal Bajak is easily combined with a range of Asian dishes.

In Holland, sambal Bajak is not that well-known and unfortunately not often used in dishes. However, sambal Bajak is an excellent way in which you can get introduced to the many types of sambal available.

Sambal Bajak is slighter sweeter tasting than the more familiar variety. Sambal Bajak is therefore much more accessible and thus a genuinely remarkable addition to many dishes.

Where can I buy Bajak?

These days Bajak is available from several supermarkets and Asian grocery shops. It is easy to find your favourite taste in sambals.

It is important to try Bajak in a number of different dishes, as by doing so you can easily choose a sambal Bajak which matches your taste.

Did you find one? In that case you can use the sambal in various kinds of dishes and continue to enjoy sambal Bajak’s rich flavour.

How can I use Bajak?

Sambal is used in different ways. Luckily, most people use sambal to enhance the taste of a dish. In the East, it is used more or less like mostard.

Sambal can also be used in the cooking process. In doing so, you can add a unique and special flavour to your dish.

Sambal is sometimes fried, but not always. Usually, it is fried to decrease the sharpness of its flavour. Sambal which hasn’t been fried has a very strong taste and many Europeans opt instead for fried sambal.