Sambal Tempe / Sambal Goreng Tempe is a very popular Indonesian spicy fried recipe. It has a blend of multiple tastes which means, it is quite crispy, sweet, sticky and tangy in taste. The most important fact is the preparation time is just 10-15 minutes. Not a time consuming cooking plan at all. The required ingredients are affordable and available in the market in all seasons.

Accompaniments Required for Sambal Tempe

The delicious Sambal Tempe goes perfectly with rice. Additionally, it can even be tossed up with flat rice noodles. Since it is highly good in flavor, choosing an ideal main dish would make the menu excellent for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Preparation of Sambal Tempe

Dissolve 2 table spoons of salt in 2 cups of water. Soak the Tempe in the salt water for 5-10 minutes. Thereafter drain and fry Sambal Tempe in 3 tablespoon of oil to get a golden brown color. Remove from the oil and keep aside.

Add 3 tablespoon of water to the bowl and mix 1 tablespoon of tamarind paste. Mix well until it dissolves properly.

The next step is, take a large pan. Add 3 tablespoon of oil and fry some garlic, a shallots, galangal and curry leaves (if curry leaves are available) . Fry all the ingredients properly to get a crispy appearance. Now add yellow bean paste , red chillies and fry for a minute. Time to add kecap manis or sweet dark soy sauce, palm sugar, tamarind water, salt and allow the heat to be in Sim for 2 minutes. Keep stirring gently. In the end add fried Tempe and stir nicely until all the ingredients are combined releasing the best flavor. Sambal Tempe is ready to be served now with either rice or rice noodles.

Why Sambal Tempe?

It is true that continental cuisine flavors are just brilliant producing best and tasty recipes. But Malaysian cuisine is unique that is rich and plenty in ingredients. So trying it once in a while for having a change in menu is quite ideal. The best benefit is, the ingredients required for preparation are available at a very low cost and does not require much time to prepare. Time to add kecap manis or sweet dark soy sauce, palm sugar, tamarind water, salt and allow the heat to be in Sim for 2 minutes.

Nutrition Facts in Sambal Tempe

50 grams of Sambal Tempe contains the following calories.

Calories – 419

Total fat – 15grams

Saturated – 13grams

Sodium – 1mg.

Total carbs – 19grams

Dietary fiber – 12grams

Protein – 18grams

If the above table of nutrition is observed, Sambal Tempe is highly nutritive in protein followed by low fat. It does not have sugar values and this is quite a good benefit as it increases scope of good health.

Opting to try and taste Sambal Tempe will surely add a very good recipe to the current list of regular menus. The primary reason for recommending Sambal Tempe is because of the fact that there is very low fat and absolutely high in protein apart from adding adequate carbs. Cooking it either once in a week or once in a while will add to the maintenance of good health.