Sambal Bajak cannot be compared with ordinary sambal. Sambal Bajak has a number of specific characteristics which produce a simply unique sambal flavour. It is important to take the specific characteristics of this sambal into account. Only by doing so you can make optimum use of this type of sambal.

Pirate sambal

Sambal Bajak is also known as Pirate sambal. This type of sambal consists of various specific characteristics. These are best explained expressed as ingredients. As a result it will become clear which ingredients make up sambal Bajak, as well as how the sambal is composed.

Be aware that sambal Bajak may often be put together in different ways. It is possible that a number of ingredients are omitted or that the sambal creator invented a personal variety.

Some ingredients you may find in Sambal Bajak include:

  • Fried chili peppers
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Nuts
  • Fish paste
  • Sugar
  • Lemon grass

Using Sambal Bajak you will give each dish its own personality. The easiest way is to buy a jar of Bajak. It takes a lot of time to make the sambal yourself and it won’t keep fresh for very long.

General characteristics of sambal

Sambal is used like pepper in many Asian countries. All Asian dishes appear to contain sambal. It’s a vital ingredient in many dishes, which would be very bland without sambal Bajak. So it’s best to opt for a good sambal, especially in Asian cuisine.

All types of sambal contain peppers. Peppers stimulate the tongue. Not everyone can handle hot peppers. Especially in Holland, therefore, people prefer to minimise the strength somewhat.

Sambal Bajak is not one of strongest varieties of sambal and is thus an excellent option. The sweet flavour of Bajak ensures that all kinds of people can access sambal. More people are now able to enjoy the rich flavour of sambal and this is to a large degree because of Bajak’s contribution.