This is not always easy to decide and this is no different in the case of sambal Bajak. To decide whether to use the sambal before or after preparation, I can offer several tips which will help you choose accurately whether a dish is better suitable for the addition of sambal before or after preparing it.

You can decide for yourself how spicy you want your dish to be. If you want to end up with a hot spicy dish you may want to add sambal after preparation. Should you prefer to have a less spicy dish, then simply add the sambal beforehand.

When sambal Bajak is included in the cooking process its taste will dominate less and will be easier to mix with all other flavours. Because of this, many people find these dishes easier to handle. They seem to prefer the taste and will usually go back for seconds.

A dish which is too spicy will turn many people away. Sometimes a dish won’t be finished if it proves too spicy. You can avoid this by continually tasting during preparation. This way it’s easy to judge whether a dish is too spicy and whether it’s still nice to taste.  Try to taste your dish many times whilst cooking, as in doing so you will be able to tell  whether a dish is developing the correct flavour.

Sambal may be used in various Asian dishes. Tasting is crucial. Do you find it tasty? Then it follows that the Bajak suits the dish and you can be sure it’s okay to use. If you have any doubts, simply add a tiny bit of sambal to a bite of the dish. Then you will know exactly whether it’s tasty or not. Always be carefull using Sambal in dishes because it can be too hot.